Sharing my Wisdom and Knowledge to be of Service and Assist Others on their Spiritual Journey.

Christina Giles Pearson is a Multidimensional Cosmic Being who is a Revealer and an Alchemist. As a Daughter of Sekhmet and Priestess of the Serpent, her genetics and birth rights allow her to access cosmic knowledge. This access allows her to channel Ancient Wisdom and Esoteric Knowledge to those that need insight and guidance. She can see their Truth and help those that are truly seeking to know Absolute Truth. Her sole purpose this incarnation is to walk the physical realm and spiritual realm equally. She is honored to have the task of assisting others with their Spiritual Authenticity. 
I started KrystaQuartz Metaphysical Shop to assist others. I provide readings, coaching and consultation sessions, where I use my knowledge of the realms to teach others how to incorporate magic into their daily lives, how to keep their spiritual bodies cleansed and how to alchemize any situation into a positive. I enjoy teaching others the knowledge I contain via blogs, workshops, classes, and ritual ceremonies. “I Am Divine Radiance, A Walking Portal of Truth and A Beacon of Light for others.”

- Certified Life Purpose Life Coach
- Certified in Spiritual Healing
- Ordained Minister via Universal Life Church
- Priestess Presence Temple & School of Sacred Arts - Temple Guide Training
- Certified Card Reader 
To learn more about me, you can watch my interviews on The Galactic Talk via YouTube https://youtu.be/2KqR6GlujsA<br />

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