Cosmic Clarity, Starseed Earthseed Consultation


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Book a session, if you’re having otherworldly experiences and need a non-judgmental person to talk to to help your psyche process and inner-stand the experiences. If you’re seeking answers, inner-standing and clarity on subject matters books, Google, teachers, etc. aren’t providing.

A Cosmic Clarity Consultation is perfect for people who:

• Need assistance finding the missing puzzle pieces to the picture of who they truly are.
• Have had a starseed reading and need to know what to do with the information.
• Feel a connection to star races and/or earth races and want to know more about them and if you have an ancestral link.
• Have been visited by cosmic beings and given information but don’t know what it means or what to do with it.
• Have been seeing or becoming aware to ships, orbs, sky beings, elementals, etc. around you.
• Gods and Goddesses are visiting you with messages, imagery, numbers, etc. and you need help inner-standing them.
• Have been visited by negative and/or positive entities and don’t know why.
• Are having vivid dreams that are oddly realistic and triggers past life experiences.
• Have gifts and abilities that you need help inner-standing.
• Have reached a point on your spiritual journey where you’re ready to dive deeper.
• Are questioning your connection to the Divine.
• Are seeking to understand the foundations of your magical practices.
• Are seeking truth about the world we live in and you’re ready to take the red pill and go down the rabbit hole.
• Identify as Black, African American, Afro-Latino, Aboriginal, or any other indigenous Brown skinned race and want to inner-stand your uniqueness, magic and identification information that is being kept a secret from you.

During the consultation, I will open myself up as a portal to allow all that needs to be revealed to you to channel through me. I will share all that is revealed, regardless if I inner-stand it or not, because the information isn’t for me, its for you. In addition, I will share with you esoteric tools, techniques and practices that can assist you on your path and help you accept your Truth, whatever that Truth may be.

After the consultation, you will have a better sense of who you are and what you are here to do on this realm at this time. The end goal I have for every person that books a consultation with me, is for each person to grow confident in who they are and accept their truth. The Goods, the Bads and the Uglies, because all those things make you…..You!

Consultations are 45 minutes and will be done via Google Meets (on-line). After your session, you can decide if you want to move to Spiritual Authenticity Coaching where we meet on a set frequency or on an as-needed basis for me to further assist you on the topics discussed or new questions, experiences, or roadblocks.

*A recap of the session will be sent to you, but PLEASE record the session to reference back to it at your own convenience.

** My services should not be used as a substitution to seeking professional medical or psychological guidance**

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