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You can ask me ONE question relating to any spiritual or metaphysical subject and I will provide you well-researched written response answering that question. Or request me to research physical item like a statue, medallion, etc. connected to the esoteric or occult. The answer will include cosmic knowledge I'm privileged to, links to websites, photos, books, etc.

Whether it’s finding sources via the internet, talking to a person that is adept in the subject you’re asking about, connecting to my dimensional selves to assist me with collecting the information for you and so on. The goal here is to share truth and assist others in discovering their truth as well.

Truth seeking subjects can include topics such as; spiritual awakening, timelines, dimensional beings, chakras, meditation, religion, magic, divination, spiritual gifts, guides, ancestry, dimensions and realms, astral travel, Anunnaki, gods, goddesses, galactic, higher self, and many more subjects.

With the information collected, I will also provide you with words of wisdom to help incorporate the Truth you've learned into your daily walk.

*Within the photos are examples of a research request I did for a client that wanted to learn more about a statue that was given to them. They thought it was an Anubis sarcophagus but I knew immediately after seeing the photos that it wasn't Anubis.

** My services should not be used as a substitution to seeking professional medical or psychological guidance**

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